The Kura - Japanese Art Treasures
Robert Mangold has been working with Japanese antiques since 1995 with an emphasis on ceramics, Paintings, Armour and Buddhist furniture.
In accordance with the requests of local authorities our Kyoto gallery will be closed to visitors from April 14th until further notice.
Ninsei Style Dragon Boat Shaped Vase & Koro Incense Burner
Okamoto Tameji Art Deco Era Porcelain Vase
Ito Suiko Art Deco Era Porcelain Vase
Sale Pending
Antique Japanese Suwa Sozan Kannon Figurine
Boxed set of 6 Porcelain Tokkuri by Kiyomizu Rokubei V
Edo p. Shogun Lacquered Stand, Tokugawa Clan
Early Edo p. Tokugawa Clan Raised Lacquer Tray
Antique Japanese Chawan Tea Bowl with Lacquer Repair
Antique Japanese Lacquer Haisen Bowl Set
Antique Oribe Kogo with Kintsugi Gold Lacquer Repair
Rare Edo p Japanese Sasashima Yaki Koro Incense Burner
Sale Pending
Momoyama to early Edo period Shigaraki Tsubo
Antique Japanese Sake Cup Set with Gold & Silver Maki-e
Ohashi Sobei (Sohei) Modernist Lacquer Plate Set
Antique Japanese Lacquered Haisen Bamboo Bowl Set
5 pc Japanese Antique Kaiseki Cuisine Lacquered Bowl Set
Masterpiece Eiraku Zengoro Antique Kinsai Porcelain Vase
Kimura Seiun/ Hashimoto Dokuzan Antique Painting Album