The Kura - Japanese Art Treasures
Robert Mangold has been working with Japanese antiques since 1995 with an emphasis on ceramics, Paintings, Armour and Buddhist furniture.
Antique Japanese Ishiharu-yaki Cha-ire, Sekishun
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Antique Japanese Taisho p. Cha-Ire Tea Urn, Gorei
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Antique Japanese Chatsubo Tea Leaf Storage Jar
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Exquisite Tsushima Yaki Sencha Steeped Tea Chawan
Antique Japanese Carved Bamboo Sencha Tea Tray
Antique Japanese Karaki Lotus Leaf Sencha Tea Scoop
Rare Edo p. Samurai ‘Bullet-proof Vest’ Manchira Body Armor
Unusual pair of Short Edo p Samurai Yoroi Armor Sleeves
Sasaki Shunka Bunten Exhibited Screen, 1936
Kawamura Kokyo 2 Panel Silk Screen, Lavish Garden Scene
Antique Japanese Covered Lacquer Bowl
Exquisite Bamboo Vase, Silver & Gold on Red by Eiraku Zengoro XVI
Edo p. Mishima Chawan Tea Bowl by Eiraku Zengoro XI (Hozen)
Antique Japanese Utsutsukawa Ceramic Chawan Tea Bowl
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Rare Edo period Deep Negoro Lacquer Tray
Ikeuchi Kaho Mid-century Carved Lacquer Tray
Antique Japanese Carved Wood Fly Whisk, Scholar Art
Early Spring Blossoms, Lacquer Writing Box by Inami Kirokusai