The Kura - Japanese Art Treasures
Robert Mangold has been working with Japanese antiques since 1995 with an emphasis on ceramics, Paintings, Armour and Buddhist furniture.
Edo period Lacquer Box, Silver Nashiji with Scrolling Vines
Kamisaka Sekka Lacquered Set of 2 Rimpa Style Hibachi
Japanese Carved Lacquer Box by Yamada Akio
Japanese Carved Lacquer Vase, Snails by Hashimoto Kota
Carved Lacquer Kozutsu Incense Case by Chikusen
Carved Lacquer Natsume with Dragonflies by Okabe Keizo
Fabulous Sanuki Carved Lacquer Plate by Ikeuchi Kaho
Bun Shaped Choshitsu Carved Lacquer Box by Tamakaji Zokoku
Sale Pending
Tamakaji Zokoku 19th c. Carved Lacquer Container, Published
Antique Japanese Rimpa Style Lacquer Writing Box
6 Mid-Century Japanese Lacquer Trays, Zen Stone Garden
Mid Century Dry-lacquer Vase by Kawai Masazo
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Mid Century Dry-Lacquer Vase by Izumi Atsuhiko
Mid-Century Lacquer Box by Izumi Atsuhiko
Antique Japanese Rimpa Style Lacquer Writing Box
Amazing Antique Japanese Lacquer Knife Shaped Yatate Brush Case
Antique Toyoraku Lacquered Pottery Bowl w/Dragons
Antique Toyoraku Lacquered Pottery Dish