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Nature on View in the Scholars Studio
The aesthetic of the scholar studio is embodied in an acute appreciation for representations of the natural world in any form; from the subject of a painting in the alcove to the texture of the wood on the desk and the colors or deformities in the bamboo brush hanging from a piece of natural wood.
A profound influence from China, through the practice of Chinese style steeped tea (Sencha) and glorification of the Literati ideal of the Ming is part of the dual basis of Japans Scholar tradition. Equally important is an understanding and appreciation of natural degradation and the fleeting nature of existence espoused in the ideal of wabi-sabi and the world of Japanese Powdered Tea (Maccha). Behind both these concepts lies a basis in Zen (Chan) Buddhist precepts and Taoist/Confucianist Philosophy.
Stone. Wood. Earth. Grain. Texture. Form. All natural, imperfect, transient and unique.
This exhibition focuses on works collected by these various peoples over radically changing times, and I hope you will enjoy taking a peak through the window into the scholarís realm.
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The Kura
An exquisite set of small fusuma doors made for a window or alcove, decorated with Horse-tail in raised gold on one side and featuring rabbit shaped handles. The scenes are performed with gold on raised gofun and ink on paper covered with scattered gold flake, enclosed in a mulberry wood frame typical of the Taisho era. The handles are in the shape of rabbits in brass, the securing nail forming the eye of the creature. Made for an opening roughly 65 x 103.5 cm...
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The Kura
A Rimpa style design adorns this silver-rimmed raw kiri-wood suzuri-bako painted by Kawai Gyokudo and containing a ceramic ink stone, brushes, punch and knife by Ito Tozan and a silver and shakudo water dropper stamped by an unknown metal artist. Inside a river flows from top to bottom in rich, soft blue...
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The Kura
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Five paintings on paper mounted on split bamboo Ogi fan frames with five bamboo handles with green silk chord enclosed in the original signed wooden box. They are backed with white paper flecked with genuine gold. Roughly 9 inches (22 cm) diameter and in fine condition but for a few nibbles around the base of the fans near the satin handle-inserts. Tanaka Hakuin (1865-1934) was born in Suruga, modern day Shizuoka...
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The Kura
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A huge three legged toad climbs the back of Gama, while Tekkai exhales his spirit on another journey through the timeless classics of Chinese liturgy, two paintings by Hara Zaizen. Mineral pigments on paper mounted on applied gold and bordered in fine silk with a lacquered wood frame. Each panel measures 94 x 170.5 cm (37 x 67 inches) and is in fine condition...