The Kura - Japanese Art Treasures
Robert Mangold has been working with Japanese antiques since 1995 with an emphasis on ceramics, Paintings, Armour and Buddhist furniture.
Antique Japanese Iron Votive Candle Stick
Antique Japanese Bamboo Vase, Maki-e Lacquer Egrets
Antique Japanese Lacquer Suzuri-Bako Writing Box
Rare Meiji p. Japanese Jakatsu Karatsu Chawan Tea Bowl
Full Moon & Prunus Edo p. Zen scroll by Shamon Saigetsu
Mid-Edo p. Zen Scroll, Plum and Moon, Ryudojin
Antique Japanese Rabbit Koro Incense Burner
Antique Japanese Scroll, Plum and Moon, Chikugai
Antique Japanese Lacquered Wood Dishes, Pine and Moon
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Wood Vase Carved with Dragon, Zesai
Antique Japanese Goldfish Vase, Hatta Sogaku
Antique Japanese Inami wood Sumo Wrestler Carving
Meiji Boxes made from Gilded Ceiling of Kodaiji Temple
Antique Japanese Scroll, Plum by Zen Priest Kobai
Rare Edo p. Japanese Genpin-yaki Pottery Bowl
Snow covered plum Scroll by Araki Kanbo (Kanpo)
Antique Karatsu Kutsu-gata Chawan Tea Bowl, Kiln Flaw
Antique Japanese Shodai-Yaki Fluted Dish