The Kura - Japanese Art Treasures
Robert Mangold has been working with Japanese antiques since 1995 with an emphasis on ceramics, Paintings, Armour and Buddhist furniture.
Rare! Edo p. Plum Painting by Kitayama Kangan
Antique Japanese Heian-Kamakura Period Pottery Bowl
Two Edo Period Hand Scrolls, Food Presentation
Sale Pending
Antique Japanese Ceramic Cocoon Vase
Kamakura period Japanese Yamachawan with Kutsuki
Beautifully Mounted Nanga Landscape Scroll by Watanabe Kasen
Exquisite & Lush Landscape Screen Pair by Watanabe Kasen
Unusual Antique Japanese Sake Kettle
Sale Pending
Hayashi Bunto Spring Scroll, Willow and Moon
Masterpiece of Spring, Cool Breeze by Ono Chikkyo
On Request
Rabbit Lazing in the Warm Sun, Japanese Bronze Okimono
Early-Mid Edo Echizen Seed Jar Hiro-Kuchi Tsubo
Cherry Blossoms under the Full Moon by Shimada Sokyu
Definitive Muromachi p. Bizen Tsubo
Japanese Bronze Vase with Snail
5 Edo p. Dishes, signed and dated, Likely Fushina-Yaki
Rare Maiko Yaki Mingei Pottery Plate
Bronze Vase by Living National Treasure Katori Masahiko